What is the difference between the Cakery and the Cup?
At the Cakery, many items are custom ordered and can be designed to your specifications. Our custom selections include Cakes, Cookies, and Cupcakes. We also have a selection of ready-to-go items for walk-in purchase.

While orders are often placed in advance at The Cakery, you can immediately satisfy your sweet tooth in the neighboring Central West End at The Cup, where you will find standardized toppings on a fixed schedule of cupcakes. You can see a calendar of flavors on the Cup’s website, www.cravethecup.com. The Cup’s cupcakes are 1/3 larger than their Cakery counterparts and available flavors are limited to those offered the day of pick-up.  At The Cakery, you may choose from any of our Classic or Premium flavors when you place a custom order.

Can I stop by and pick up a cake or cupcakes?
Our shop specializes in stellar baked goods prepared to order, but we also carry a few ready-to-go items every day (Tues—Sat) including our cake-in-a-cup, double deckers and our ready-to-go cakes in several flavors.

How much notice do you need for my order?
We recommend four weeks’ notice for any custom orders. Please keep in mind that we close orders when we reach capacity and our orders are ultimately first-come, first-serve. This is particularly true during holidays and wedding season.

Is your facility nut-free?
The Cakery is peanut-free, but not completely nut free. We do use almond derivatives in our buttercream and French Vanilla cupcakes.  We also use walnuts in our carrot cake.

Do you offer gluten-free, dairy-free or sugar-free options?
We do not currently offer any dairy-free or sugar-free baked items. We offer a decadent flourless chocolate cake for those who avoid gluten.  In addition, our vanilla and chocolate buttercreams are made of all gluten-free ingredients and can be purchased to top your favorite gluten-free dessert.  Because our kitchen is not certified gluten-free, the risk of cross-contamination does exist. Our sister bakery, The Cup, carries gluten-free cupcakes. cravethecup.com

Do you cover your cakes in fondant?
All of our cakes are frosted in our signature buttercream. We do not cover our cakes in fondant, but we do use fondant for some embellishments and appliques.

Where are you located?
The Cakery is located in Historic Dogtown at 1420 Tamm Avenue, between Oakland and Manchester. We are right next to St. James the Greater School.

From Highway 40 — Exit Hampton South. Turn Right on West Park and Left on Tamm.

From Highway 44 — Exit Hampton North. Turn Left on West Park and Left on Tamm.

How should I store my cake/cupcakes/cookies?
Cakes — Store at room temperature until ready to serve. Freezing/refrigerating is not recommended for cakes unless you are picking up your cake more than three days before you plan to serve it. Uncut, your cake will maintain freshness for up to three days at room temperature.

Cupcakes — Store at room temperature if you are serving them the day they are picked up. If not, they can be frozen (preferable) for up to three days or refrigerated for one day. Take them out of freezer or refrigerator 4-6 hours before serving to allow them to come to room temperature in their box.

Cookies — Store at room temperature if you are serving them the day they are picked up. If not, store in freezer and take out two to three hours before serving to allow them to come to room temperature.

Can I have my favorite cartoon character drawn on a cake?
Unfortunately, the Cakery does not possess the rights to any popular copyrighted figures. However, we would be more than happy to work with you to design a backdrop for pre-purchased figurines or to design a complementary concept using your theme.

Do you deliver?
We would be more than happy to deliver your wedding cake or other large order in the St. Louis area for a fee of fifty dollars. Deliveries outside of the city will be charged according to mileage. Availability is first-come, first-serve. Please call us at 314-647-6000 for more information.


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